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Specifications and Price Honda Supra X 125 FI

Specifications and Price Honda Supra X 125 FI – Honda Supra Injection 2014 – Honda Motor legendary already since 2005 accompanied Indonesian family in 2014 again to Harga Yamaha X Ride 2014 spawn new variants namely Honda Supra X 125 FI 2014. Variant moped comes with features the new ready to take your trip more comfortable. Injection 2014 also comes with a bandage design a more sporty and masculine.

2014 Honda Supra Injection was released in Senayan on February 26, 2014 by Honda. Honda motorcycle is ready to give a fillip to the more powerful the older version of Honda motorcycle. Series family of motors that has accompanied Indonesia for 17 years on new variants promised by Honda will present the concept of a more sporty, dynamic, and aggressive. What are the new things that exist in the Honda Supra X 125 FI Injection in 2014? And at what price? Come let us refer to with a list price of motor.

Specifications of Honda Supra X 125 FI 2014
This motor has a very stylish design and modern. Where the typical Honda stripping bandage wrapped with delicate sharp in the body of this 125cc motorcycle. Specifications of Honda Harga Yamaha T Max 250cc Supra X 125 FI 2014 velgnya other is mounted on the wheel that has a slimmer size on disk-cakramnya that make this bike look more sporty. Another new feature is also seen in the stop lamp (Tail Light) are already using LED technology. This makes Specifications 2014 Honda Supra Injection looks more sporty and modern look.

Price of Honda Supra X 125 FI 2014
For the price of Honda Supra X 125 FI 2014 is currently priced at Rp 16.4 million for the type Cast Wheel. As for the type Spoke Wheel priced at a cheaper price of Rp 15,350,000. This price is the price on the road which means you just wear it alone because his letters also be handled dealer. That is the price of Honda Supra X 125 2014 injection today and be the end of the review about this legendary motor duck. read also about new 125 fi