Price Datsun GO + Panca 2015 is estimated to Rise

If you are planning to buy Datsun GO + Panca in may 2015, maybe the price has gone up. Datsun Indonesia would do the revision rates after May 8, 2015, exactly one year from navigate to this web-site the time of the initial release.Factors that influence is not stable exchange rates, inflation, and the price of production materials that come up. But the price set will still pay attention to government regulation about the car cheap, eco-friendly (LCGC).

But related what percentage his Ascension, has yet to be explained by phak Datsun. It’s just that the decision whether or not to rise in price and possible adjustment will see the first of the three factors mentioned.

Price will also be raised about 6.6 percent of the around. Because Toyota and Daihatsu, while already permitted Government raised prices in the range of Agya Ayla and the percentage.

“Next year it might be about it. We’ll also calculate how his Ascension, necessary or not raised, “said the Head of Datsun Hadiwidjaja Indriani Indonesia, as quoted in Kompas page.

Datsun GO + Panca and Datsun GO is the mainstay of the Datsun to initiate its appearance back in Indonesia. Datsun brand already inherent in most communities first and the tempo enough Indonesia fanatic since it’s got a formidable product. The sale is also fantastic Datsun for both these products.

Since its appearance, and Datsun Indonesia managed to sell about 11,000 units. Roughly 10,000 untit donated from sales GO + and the rest of the GO. Prices of both current dibanderol less than Rp 100 million per unit.


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