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Changes of light on Yamaha R25, hand Plug n Play Aja NIH!

Surgical technology titles on the Yamaha YZF-R25 at Rolling Stone Cafe, Kemang, Jakarta some time ago (17/6), there are interesting. Are neatly displayed a unit Harga Yamaha R25 Jogja already got a touch light modifications. Despite the modest but may also be a modification.

“This bike is just for display only, the following accessories will be released officially,” open m. Abidin, GM Service & Motorsport Division PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM). Yuk we see!
Most change is in the tail area, where the Yamaha rear sepatbor took off and replaced it with the rear number plate bracket is more simple. In addition to plates, lamp standards could also be sein is mounted on this component. So even though appearing terondol, all completeness of the traffic remains secure.

Other accessories which cover single seater is to apply to cover the back seat and make the motor seems without upholstery boncenger. Footstep is also replaced with a silver-colored accessories, more interesting than the original colored kroom. In addition, this component of the finishing CNC, more sporty style!
In the front area is not changed much, Harga Yamaha Jupiter MX 2013 just lower the front so sokbraker shorter. Here’s how the u.s. sokbraker the front lowered approximately 5 cm from the triangle. As a result, more ducking and look cute because the gap between the fairing and front sepatbor too far may be reduced.

So the more flashy graphics, bodi deliberately replaced. Mesk color black but remained essentially more gahar stripingnya as it has more dark colors and there are shades of his silver-screen.
Interestingly, in order to use the standard swing arm paddock, Yamaha R25 is already equipped with a cradle swing arm spools. Live install part like this, then the standard jalu paddock can be used directly.

Racing exhaust application is final. Used on this bike is a type of slip on from Akrapovic. “Small so the price is Rp 5 million, though not the full system,” explained Abidin.kawasaki 800


Kawasaki W800 2015 Classic Set 2 New Colors

For fans of classic style motor do not miss the Kawasaki W800. For 2015 Kawasaki W800 has two Harga Motor Vixion Bekas new colors: Candy Diamond Red / Pearl Alpine White and Dark Green Metallic / Pearl Alpine White.

Classic aura of design upholstery emblazoned with stripes, round headlights, a pair of circular speedometer and tachometer area with LCD screen, gas tank with emblems berkrom, and use a metal fender.

Kawasaki 773cc machine fixed memodalinya, 2-cylinder, SOHC Harga Yamaha Vixion New 2013 FI, powered 48 hp and 62 Nm of torque. Fuel consumption reaches 33 km / liter (with a constant speed of 60 km / h).

Kawasaki Kawasaki W800 2015 pricing 874.800 yen or 100 million rupiahs in Japan. Both colors will be available in showrooms in early September 2014. supra x 125