consumption of Honda Supra X 125 FI

Based on AHM Internal measurements. . . Via tmcblog data gathered, this motor AHM claimed top speed of 102.6 km Have / hour (up from carburetor version of the 92 km / h), acceleration 0-200 meter performance for 12.5 seconds (up from the carburetor version 12, 3 seconds). Fuel consumption problems, according to data tmcblog hold, Claiming Honda Harga Motor Byson Bekas is more efficient 23% from the carburetor version. Fuel consumption of Honda Supra X 125 FI is by testing models that embrace Motor Suzuki AHM Internal test patterns ECE R40 is 61.8 km / liter.

Okay please refer to the specifications below and hopefully useful. .. Thank you for your willingness bro gentlemen visiting this simple blog to a pretty fantastic show mileage 64 Million Hits in this figure. . . Thank God and thank you once again. . .

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